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Age Group

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Age Group

Postby gmunchkin » Mon 03.05.2007 10:02 pm

Is there a minimum age you have to be to take the JLPT? Also, what is the average age you have seen take the test?


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RE: Age Group

Postby flammable hippo » Mon 03.05.2007 10:11 pm

No, I'm pretty sure that there is no age limit but you wouldn't really see some kid in elementary school take it.

When I took it last december, I saw people ranging in age from what seemed like 14-60. There were hispanics, african americans, caucasians, asians, and I even saw a few arabs. There were middle aged business men and I swear I think I saw some otaku there as well.

So in short, there is no age limit, practically every one from any (reasonable) age group takes the test and just for the sake of this post all different ethnic groups participate as well.

I was actually rather suprised to see just how many different groups of people are interested in learning Japanese.
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RE: Age Group

Postby gmunchkin » Mon 03.05.2007 10:13 pm

Whoa... that is a surprising diversity.

There are teenagers that take it though? Good. That was my main concern.
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RE: Age Group

Postby kickingbottom » Wed 03.07.2007 4:49 am

In my class there was a 9/10 year old who came with her parents (who didn't take the test). I'm sure she did much better than me as well.
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