In your opinion. How many words/kanji needed to pass lv2 JLP

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In your opinion. How many words/kanji needed to pass lv2 JLP

Post by lgmcben » Thu 06.16.2005 10:22 am

Hi. First, please bear with my semi-broken english as it's also not my native language. ; ;

Back on topic. According to the officials, 1,000 Kanji and 6,000 words is needed for lv2 JLPT.

About the words, I've seen the list of them in MS excel format and found that around 1500 of them are actually english words written in katakana.

Not counting katakana, it's reduced to 4,500 pure japanese words and 1,000 kanji.

My teacher said that if I actually MASTERED lv2 gramma and rall readings and meanings of those words(1,000 Kanji + 4,500 words), I'll be scoring near 100% in every part of the test except listening.

But the test only requires you to gain above 60% score in order to pass.

I'd like to hear from those who passed the test, actually how many words/kanji do you think, is needed to know in order to pass the test?

(Forgive me for this stupid question, I'm a person with somewhat not enough time to study Japanese, yet need to pass the test within this year. T_T When I mentioned I've a teacher, I can only meet him once a week and it's for 2hours only. This kind of question does help improve my morale.)

Thank you for your time. ^^
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RE: In your opinion. How many words/kanji needed to pass lv2

Post by Justin » Thu 06.16.2005 1:51 pm

What the JLPT really comes down to I think is just time management, and maybe even more important, how well you can take tests. With anything above 60% being passing (70% for 1 kyuu), you'll have no problem if you know around 80% of what they have listed.

Even if you were to memorize every single kanji and word they have listed, if you don't know how to manage your time right, and you can't look at a question and narrow things down, you're gonna have a hard time I think. The reading section is the big one where you really need to do that correctly, if not, you most likly won’t even finish the section, which is really really gonna hurt you.

However, seeing as how the reading section makes up half the test, if you can nail that, you’ll be doing very well. Just remember that you can fail in the other sections, just so as long as you’re total score is above 60%, you’re fine.

My recommendation would be to try your best at learning all those kanji and words, but don't get too caught up in that, as there more to it than just that. Get some of the old 2 kyuu tests, sit down with you teacher, and then have him time you just like the real test. Get used to the kind of questions they ask, how to pace yourself, what kind of questions mess you up, get accustomed to every little bit about the test as you can. That’s what’s really important.
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