2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

The test - experiences, questions or comments
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2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

Post by James_dean » Sun 12.02.2007 3:44 am

Listening part was a bit tough and vocabulary. Grammar and reading was not too bad i thought.....

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RE: 2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

Post by tyle7 » Sun 12.02.2007 4:35 am

I have nothing to compare with, so I will just say how I think it went. Vocabulary did go smoothly, and I think i got decent scores on listening and grammar. I hope that is enough to weigh up for the reading section, where I ran short of time and had to guess on a few questions.

In other words, now starts the long wait for february. Better not hold my breath.

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RE: 2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

Post by Igirisu_gaz » Sun 12.02.2007 9:24 am

Same as above. The vocabulary section definitely went well for me, listening was pretty good also. The grammar section was fair, but I doubt I got much more than a pass. The reading however was a bit of a failure on my part. I also ran short on time and ended up just circling the final four answers without even looking at the questions >< I found a few of the questions quite hard to digest, especially on the section based around the girls presentation .... it was just exceptionally dull.

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RE: 2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

Post by enji » Sun 12.02.2007 9:52 am

Listening was the toughest for me. The voice that came out of the radio was quite muffled to me. So I practically couldn't catch anything that was spoken softly. No high hopes for this section.

Vocabulary and grammar was quite ok I think. I was stucked on a few questions for reading. Agree with Igirisu_gaz, some of the questions took me a while to digest. Girls presentation? Is that the first passage? The questions for this passage were quite tough IMO.

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RE: 2007 Level 2 Paper thoughts?

Post by Buggier » Tue 12.04.2007 5:45 am

Listening was the toughest. I got the 1st stupid doughnut/cake question wrong.

Vocabulary and Grammar were so-so I guess. I have no idea how I did for the reading questions since I just chose the ones that sounded like the correct one.

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