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Postby fetid chimp guy » Mon 09.05.2005 7:04 pm

Im 23 but will be 24 in about an hour and a half :D and live in Essex, England

If had a quick look around the site and seems to be the most comprehensive Japanese learning tool that I have seen on the net so far, so BIG THUMBS UP to everyone involved! I have had such a nightmare trying to find Japanese learning resources on the net and I am going to be in Tokyo during January/February 2006 so think it would be only polite to try a learn some words and phrases if only for basic communication.
I dont generally have a lot of spare time so if someone could point out the areas i should be studying most to prepare for my holiday i would be very greatful.

Keep up the good work B)
fetid chimp guy
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RE: Hajimemashite!/Hello!

Postby raevin » Mon 09.05.2005 8:32 pm

Personally, I say go straight to the "Hiragana & Katakana" section...and learn how to speak Japanese (not sure how much knowledge of the language you have...so I'm assuming beginner/none).
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RE: Hajimemashite!/Hello!

Postby Daichi » Tue 09.06.2005 5:05 am

Hey there, 'Chimp', welcome to the site.

Happy birthday! (or tanjoubi omedetou)

Usually I'd agree with raevin, but since you're going in just a few months, and have limited free time, I would suggest that you have a look through the 'culture' section. This will teach you about Japan itself, and give you a few set phrases to start off your learning of the language.

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RE: Hajimemashite!/Hello!

Postby fetid chimp guy » Tue 09.06.2005 11:41 pm

Thank you both for the reply's. I will take them bit into account when studying and have already found some useful things in the culture section. It is still my birthday and im quite drunk so I am planning what I will study because if I try to actually learn anything it will get lost in the mist of alchohol! Fortunately my pronounciation is quite good (so I have been told) so I'll learn some set phrases and if I have enough time I will start to learn some Hiragana i think.

Thank you Raevin and Daichi
fetid chimp guy
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