Japanese is my passion

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Japanese is my passion

Post by falcons » Tue 06.19.2007 12:51 am

Learning a Language adds up to our degree of assmilating stuff...The first language I had learnt was French ... And it was awesome !!! Then I had an urge to learn the tough language Japanese..Initially I thought it was :o...But now I'm getting used to learning the patterns and trying to correlate the with my day to day life and even in my profession...I'm also surprised myself that I have started learning to use it in the Business ... I mean to say ...starting with the Phone etiquettes , how to use while exchanging business cards .... Getting to learn new things with the language....It gives such a feeling like when a baby first starts to speak !!! it's like a first ahievement ... I wish to find new career heights with this language....I wish Myself good Luck :)
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Dana Craig
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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by Dana Craig » Tue 06.19.2007 3:03 am

wow, falcons, do yourealize that this is basicly every Japanese speaking wannabe's dream? just to be able to gradually merge Japanese into your life and be third if not second natured to you.
Good luck to u & me!

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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by soranoraito » Fri 06.22.2007 7:16 pm

yeah, learning a language is also about learning a mentality. It makes you look at things so differently...don't ask me why ;)
I never looked at japanese as 'hard' until I got older. More like something that takes time. I guess it's because I was so little when I wanted to start learning it.
It's so interesting how little kids don't look at things like languages as being 'hard', but more as something to expand on and accomplish.I don't know how to really describe it...let's just say that kids really do think outside of the box.they don't see nor care about the small set-backs.
Maybe we should all try to do this and see how far we can go ;)

I wish you good luck too, and to everyone else studying hard :D
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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by SenescenceReign » Fri 06.22.2007 10:00 pm

Another thing! I had completely forgotten (luckily) due to being gloriously without exposure to it!

The word is "through", people. Through. Not "thru" (and I mean no disrespect to the people who use it, I'm not naming anyone in particular). As a matter of fact, for some reason I never can hold it against a person who does something that just irks the ever-loving crud out of me! But I won't say that I don't just staaaare at that word on the Wendy's sign as I go down the street... "Drive Thru"! How dare they?

I also get extremely annoyed when someone corrects my sentence structure. I've written two novels. I have taken countless classes on English and journalism, writing structure and general theory. I do not have to justify beginning a sentence with the word, "And", to you!

I'll shut my big internet trap before I say things for which I will be flamed! Thank you for your time~

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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by tanuki » Fri 06.22.2007 10:09 pm

SenescenceReign, I think you posted on the wrong thread...

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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by Tspoonami » Fri 06.22.2007 10:13 pm

If you are really passionate about something, work to not let the passion die. I say this not because it's good to have the passion, but when you are passionate about things, you get stuff out of it. For example, a few thousand years ago, I was really passionate about fruit. One day, I was walking in an unspecified tropical locale when I noticed that I had grown a bud on my left temple. This bud slowly, over two painful months, grew into a fruity lump, and it soon dropped onto the ground and grew into a tree. Imagine my surprise when I discovoered that I had cinvented a new kind of fruit, which I called the passion fruit!
SenescenceReign wrote:
Also, when someone corrects my sentence structure, get extremely annoyed I do.
Your incorrect sentence the structure fix I had to do.
Sometimes I think that I'm afraid of thinking, and that scares me.

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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by Hatori » Fri 06.22.2007 10:33 pm

Good luck! You sound just like me when I started learning in 5th grade, not that is bad :D. :)

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RE: Japanese is my passion

Post by terence_hideyoshi » Sat 06.23.2007 6:56 am

Good luck! Let's work hard together then. :D

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