A monkey as a pet =)

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RE: A monkey as a pet =)

Post by Hatori » Sat 06.23.2007 11:38 pm

Mike Cash wrote:
Hatori wrote:
Mike Cash wrote:
Chimps....bad idea
Mike C., you're like a never ending pit of witty comments and sarcastic remarks.
You're very kind to say so.

Did you read the article I linked to? I recalled it from a book compilation of Straight Dope columns from the days back before Algore invented the internet. I hoped to google around for some info on how some animals that may seem to be fine pets for a while tend to turn mean and nasty as they grow older. Such is the case with chimps, I believe. I've also heard it offered as a strong candidate for the reason the zebra was never domesticated in Africa.
I also see what I said as a complement too. :P

And yes, I did read what you posted in the link before. It was very interesting. I read some and skimmed some.
I remember when I was little, about first grade and younger, my childhood friend and I would pretend we had monkeys that would live in our backpacks and come to school with us. And then we'd get jealous with eachother's monkey because we'd always say something cooler and cooler about our own monkey...
I personally don't like monkeys that much. :p

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RE: A monkey as a pet =)

Post by SaverS » Mon 06.25.2007 8:05 pm

I suggest getting a black bear hamster
I had a black bear hamster before. My cat flung him off the second floor in our house. My hamster would always some how escape and decided to put a whole in his cage. My dad found him the morning I was going to school. I had him for about a month. My frist hamster died about three days after we got it.

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