JLPT age limits?

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JLPT age limits?

Post by Yumiko125 » Thu 06.28.2007 7:55 pm

Is there an age limit for taking the Japanese Language Proficiancy Test? I wanted to know because I know some of them are hosted at colleges or universities etc..

If so are there age groups that take the test??

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RE: JLPT age limits?

Post by sei » Thu 06.28.2007 8:03 pm

I believe there was a thread made about this before, because I do remember reading something about it.
Did you try searching?

Anyway, from what I read, there are no age limits, as it was mentioned that there were even 10 year olds or younger taking the test. And some people had seen more elderly people taking the test too.
Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

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RE: JLPT age limits?

Post by caroline » Fri 06.29.2007 4:40 pm

From my experience, everybody from 10 to 70 (though it's a guess both ages) was mixed in the same room! So, no age limit.

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