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Postby Jotrin » Fri 06.29.2007 7:43 pm

I've been considering taking JLPT3 this December, but after reading on here that the Japanese AP exam is based somewhere between 3 and 2 I'm not so sure if it would be worth the money (+traveling) needed to take it.
My other option is to take the AP test at the end of this upcoming school year and spend the following summer along with part of my senior year* studying for the 2008 JLPT2.

Seeing as the JLPT is just bragging rights at the moment, would this be a good course of action? Or does JLPT carry more weight than an AP exam in the academic and business worlds?

[small]*To avoid any confusion: Next school year is my junior year. I skipped Japanese 2 as a sophmore and took J3 instead. That's why I'm taking AP this year and consider senior year to be a free studying time.[/small]
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Postby katafei » Sat 06.30.2007 4:27 am

May I ask what AP is?
I gather JLPT only weighs a lot in the business world if you've tackled level 1, or at least level 2.
So the other levels would be pretty much for your own fun anyway.
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Postby Jotrin » Sat 06.30.2007 11:05 am

AP is the so-called "Advance Placement" exam. Basically, in American high schools (I don't know about other countries for this) you can take AP courses which are taught at a college level. AP tests are taken after you complete the class to show that you have learned all the material presented in the class. The Japanese AP class is usually taken after completing 3 years of Japanese in high school. Its standards are said to fall between 3 and 2 on the JLPT.
And that's kind of what I thinking, 1 and 2 being the only important exams in the end...
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