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ゆきの物語 - Chapter 9

Translations of chapters from the story by our own richvh

ゆきの物語 - Chapter 9

Postby Lego » Sat 06.30.2007 12:35 pm

The chamberlain's inquiry

The next day, the chamberlain went to the onsen.
"Landlady, the young lord ordered me to investigate on the new tea ceremony artist. Please, tell me everything you know about her" he said.
"Really? Yuki arrived at the onsen some days ago, and handed me a letter from my brother. They encountered on the road. amd Yuki did the tea ceremony for him. Yuki said that she was raised in a small village by her grandmother. She also said that her parents both died soon after she was born. She had a family tree book." the landlady said and told him the grandmother's name and showed him the letter.
"Is that so? About fifteen years ago that name was famous. I'd like to see that family tree." said the chamberlain.
The landlady guided the chamberlain to Yuki.
"Yuki! The young lord's chamberlain said that he wants to look at your family tree" she said.
Then Yuki showed the family tree to the chamberlain.
The chamberlain investigated it well.
"I know this crest well. Is this really your family crest?" he said.
"I don't understand that
(mmm?). But since it's written on this book..." she answered, and then talked about the voyage and the life at the small village.
Then the chamberlain left the onsen and dispatched a messenger to the small village.
Every evening Yuki wen to the castle, and did the tea ceremony for the young lord.
One evening, the young lord noticed the bracelet made from the fox's tail hairs.
"Tea ceremony artist, why do you wear such a bracelet on the wrist?" he asked.
"This bracelet? The truth is that it's a good fortune charm. This is made from the tail's hairs I received from a fox that I met on the road" she answered.
Then Yuki told the young lord about her voyage.
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RE: ゆきの物語 - Chapter 9

Postby richvh » Sat 06.30.2007 1:10 pm

Nitpicks, mostly on the English

investigate on >> investigate*
They encountered>> They met* (encountered needs a direct object)
I don't understand that>>I don't know (分かる often comes closer to "know" than to "understand")
voyage>>trip or journey* (voyage is usually used for travel by sea)
tail's hair>> tail hair
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