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Post by Sylvrena » Thu 09.08.2005 7:25 pm

aloha everyone!
my name is Sarah , i'm 30 and i just moved to hawaii a month ago from california to join my fiance stationed in the coast guard. both of us are interested in japanese culture and plan to visit japan in he next two years. right now we want to start by learning as much about japan as we can and seems like this website is a great place to start. there's lots of great resources here in hawaii too. have visited the buddhist temple that is a replica of one in japan, went to some memorial sites that were beautiful as well.

well thats all for now
cant wait to learn from everyone here! ::)
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RE: aloha

Post by Daichi » Fri 09.09.2005 5:39 am

Welcome to the site, hope you have fun.:)

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RE: aloha

Post by MenomaMinx » Fri 09.09.2005 7:13 am

hi :-)
which island are you on?there is supposed to be a really good Japanese language program associated with one the the universities there,but I can't remember the name right now. occasionally you can talk a professor in letting you audit the class for free{another way of saying attending college courses without doing any work or credits}.we did this for my friend Sheila because she couldn't attend college formally because her test scores were less than good and her finances were worse than her test scores ,and well,we wanted her to come with us. The communications teacher let her sit in on communications and public speaking courses.

I found out later that some schools charged auditing students less if the classes aren't full with regular students {assuming you can't get the professor to let you in for free like what happened with my friend Sheila} definitely worth looking into if you're interested :-)
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