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Ani Vs. Aniki

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Ani Vs. Aniki

Postby Akuma » Wed 09.07.2005 6:43 am

Does anyone know what the difference between these two words are (Other than the obvious). They both seem to mean "older brother" although I am guessing that adding the suffix "ki" to ani makes it a bit more polite? I've heard it used once in an anime, which was Outlaw Star, and the age gap between the two brothers was pretty big, so maybe it means "really older brother"? I'm not sure. omfg Help! :o
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RE: Ani Vs. Aniki

Postby Daichi » Wed 09.07.2005 6:58 am

I think you're about right, the き does seem to affect politeness.

As far as I am aware, あに would be used when talking about your older brother, but when talking TO him you would say あにき, or おにいさん.
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RE: Ani Vs. Aniki

Postby torgosaves » Fri 09.09.2005 3:16 pm

I remember hearing 兄貴 a lot in the movie Gozu. It is said by a lower Yakuza to and about an older more experienced member whom he apparently works with very closely. 貴 means "precious; value; prize; esteem; honor", so I agree, it is a more polite way of saying "older brother". Ahh.. to be a "prized older brother". Also, you guys should all see the movie Gozu by Takashi Miike. It is beautifully genious. 
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