The name suffix "-rin"

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The name suffix "-rin"

Post by Akuma » Sat 09.10.2005 4:05 am

Ha ha, does anyone know what the suffix "-rin", when attached to people's names, means? I'm asking because in Tsubasa, one of the more "girly boy" characters keeps wanting to call one of the more "manly characters" Kuro-rin. I'm pretty sure "-rin" must be some kind of affectionate term, because the "girly character" asked at the beggining if he could call Kurogane "Kuro-chan" (Which is a term of affectionate, which was pretty funny) or "Kuro-rin."

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RE: The name suffix "-rin"

Post by redfoxer » Sat 09.10.2005 7:57 am

haha, yea i love that anime. the ~rin suffix has a pretty similar usage as the ~kun suffix. its used to address someone of a lower status to you or a good friend (basically it is a alternate version and more friendly/less used version of ~kun). oh an fae or that "girly" guy uses multiple "friendly" suffixes to tease kurogane by addressing him in a "cutesy" way to demasculate him.

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RE: The name suffix "-rin"

Post by nonenone1234 » Tue 09.20.2005 6:10 am

There is no such word as "demasculate"

I think you meant "emasculate" イマスキュレイト

Emasculate(formal word) -->To deprive someone of strength and vigor
Or to reduce/weaken the effectiveness of something
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