Hi everyone!^^

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Hi everyone!^^

Post by Kimiko711 » Sun 09.11.2005 12:58 am

I'm Kimiko711, and I'm very intrested in the japanese language!
I love anime, and manga.

I wish I can learn how to speak in japanese and write it too!

I'm hoping to go to japan one day, so I must know some japanese!^^
And I would love to meet some cool friends to help me out!


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RE: Hi everyone!^^

Post by lomagu » Sun 09.11.2005 1:50 am

Hey, welcome & good luck studying! :D
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RE: Hi everyone!^^

Post by Daichi » Sun 09.11.2005 7:15 am

Hey there, good to meet you.

Good luck with your studies, and feel free to ask others for help any time.

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RE: Hi everyone!^^

Post by Daisuke » Sun 09.11.2005 11:29 am


I hope the site is helpful to you.. ;)

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RE: Hi everyone!^^

Post by kasutenchan » Sun 09.11.2005 12:19 pm

hello kimiko711
hope your studies go well!:p

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RE: Hi everyone!^^

Post by ProbyWaN1337 » Sun 09.11.2005 3:29 pm

Hello Kimiko711!
Good luck with everything!

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