an original love story

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an original love story

Post by katafei » Wed 07.11.2007 9:02 am

Be With You.

I have just been watching this movie again, and by now I know it so well, I can follow it with only Japanese subtitles to improve my reading skills. Grasping more and more of the grammar.

A real love story, and very much a ‘chick movie’. But if you’re in for some serious romance, I really recommend this movie!

It’s about a young family, a mother (Yuko Takeuchi), a father (Shidou Nakamura) and their 6 year old son. The mother died last year, but she wrote a little book for her son, promising him she’ll be back next 雨の季節.
And she does come back. Only, she can’t remember anything.
So this movie tells two love stories: How the couple fell in love the first time and how they fall in love this time. But can it last?

Flipping back and forth in time, a タイムカプセル plays an important role as well.

Including a small, but sweet role for You (誰も知らない; Nobody Knows)

I have watched this movie over and over again, and it still touches my heart.
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