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IM learning partner  

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IM learning partner  

Postby Nexus Lord » Wed 07.11.2007 7:23 pm

hey hey

im looking for someone to study japanese with, some one who's at my level and would be willing to use msn messenger or such to communicate in japanese, help each other, you know.

i know kana, some basic kanji (no's etc) a little grammer and can just about string a sentance together.

so if your interested either reply here, PM me or send me and email or contact invite at nexuslord@hotmail.co.uk

i look forward to hearing from you

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RE: IM learning partner  

Postby Rypermanji » Wed 07.11.2007 11:02 pm

I probably know more than you, but that doesn't have to stop us from learning together. I'm always looking for new things and new ways to learn. I added that email address to my MSN. My MSN address is my TJP profile, in case that's not your MSN address. Talk to you soon^^
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RE: IM learning partner  

Postby Dehitay » Thu 07.12.2007 9:46 am

I'm gonna add it's sometimes hard to get a hold of specific people. If you don't mind talking to whatever random people are in the chat room, TJP has a chat in the Navigation menu on the top left of the page. However, I remember it being confusing to set up so maybe somebody will post after me with instructions or a link to some FAQ I forgot about.
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RE: IM learning partner  

Postby richvh » Thu 07.12.2007 10:13 am

The Join Chat! link gets you a basic (but flaky) web-based chat client; for something better, check out the Chat Article link (though this only covers one client, Pandion, which only works on Windows.) Both are in the navigation panel to the left.
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