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Post by Yumiko125 » Thu 07.12.2007 8:13 pm

I know someone has posted about this before however after searching through I never found an answer to this question(or I may have passed it up..
How much Japanese do you need to know ot play the Japanese version? Do you need to know as much as a native.

Also I think I read somthing about it being an "educational" game- as in it helps you learn japanese? or playing it can help you study and/or get use to kanji?

PLZ help


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RE: Trickster

Post by Xaith » Thu 07.12.2007 8:32 pm

I think someone recommended you have a decent amount of knowledge of kanji to play it. You can play it with very limited knowledge, but you won't be able to understand most things. Though it still isn't bad reading practice for katakana/hiragana.
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