2 questions if you don't mind

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2 questions if you don't mind

Post by LotusCharmer » Tue 09.13.2005 3:35 pm

First one... how do i type in 日本語 -_-; the only way i can do it is "copy-paste" the character i need. Do I need a program to write kanji and kana?

Second. Im starting to get to words and sounds. I think I noticed that the last vowel in a word is "omited" or something. I example, 一, ichi suposedly, i figured it is said "itch", and this goes for a lot of words. I wanted you to assure me that :P.

I have more doubts but it isn't a good idea to post them all at once :D


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RE: 2 questions if you don't mind

Post by Kates » Tue 09.13.2005 3:52 pm

If you use Windows, visit http://www.microsoft.com and search for instructions there on how to type in Japanese.

Yes, often the final vowel sound (usually I or U) is omitted when speaking. Ichi can sound like itch, desu can sound like des, ninjitsu can sound like ninjits. (: It's good that you notice this, it will help with your listening comprehension, as well as improving your speaking skills.

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RE: 2 questions if you don't mind

Post by AaRoN » Tue 09.13.2005 3:58 pm

i though that to when i was watching some anime....lol thnx for clearning that up:)
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