help intstalling the language pack ...

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help intstalling the language pack ...

Post by pwnisher » Sun 08.05.2007 2:47 pm

Please ... someone ... I need some help installing th japanese language pack. I need it to learn the Katakana. Everytime I open a page on the site it asks me if I want to install. I click install one time and it said to get my Windows CD I think. I didn't do that so I just thought ... forget it and clicked to never install a language pack. So now that message won't come up anymore. Can someone plese help me how to intsll the language pack so I can continue learning?


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RE: help intstalling the language pack ...

Post by richvh » Sun 08.05.2007 3:42 pm

Didn't you think this sort of thing might be a FAQ?
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RE: help intstalling the language pack ...

Post by katafei » Sun 08.05.2007 5:45 pm

Maybe if you remove the cookies from your pc, the message will show up again?
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