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TJP being slow.

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TJP being slow.

Postby Hatori » Fri 08.03.2007 1:04 am

Hello. Anyways, most of you all know that I have dial-up internet and all, but TJP usually loads in a second. Lately the page has been slow. Even on my friend's computer and she has high-speed internet. It look like two minutes to load into the threads and boards. Has there been anything going on that's making it slow, like special maintinence?
Thanks for reading. :)
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby tanuki » Fri 08.03.2007 7:47 am

TJP seems normal to me.

By the way, did you read my shout about the link in your signature messing up the page layout? ;)
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby clay » Fri 08.03.2007 11:04 am

It actually seems a little faster to me recently. But it is still very slow.

On Alexa's TJP page it says "Speed: Very Slow (97% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 9.8 Seconds"

The new server will be better. I've gotten a lot done on it, but I have no idea when the move will be.
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby Hatori » Sat 08.04.2007 1:03 pm

Okay, thank you for the information you can provide, clay! Anyways, I went to another friend's house and TJP was very slow there too. I dunno, but it's fine for now. :)

Tanuki, my link is messing up the page?! O_O
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby datdo » Sat 08.04.2007 1:43 pm

It was really slow for a while...but now it seems back to normal.
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby zengargoyle » Mon 08.06.2007 2:01 pm

because TJP is often quite speedy (even with 100 or so guests), i imagine the slow times to be caused by some combination of:

getting indexed by Google/Yahoo/etc. -- lot's of page loads per user in a relatively short amount of time.

more than a handful of people browsing the kanji pages at the same time -- the kanji pages are database/PHP script heavy (in addition to the standard PHP-Fusion forum pages).

some other site on the same box getting hit hard -- TJPs server is shared with who knows how many other sites...

backups/maintenance by the provider -- maybe all of the sites are slower while the provider is backing up the server/etc...

otherwise, i haven't really seen any pattern to the slow times... sometimes it's in the middle of the night when there's almost nobody here...
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby Krysta » Mon 08.06.2007 2:11 pm

I was getting a bit irritated by it too, but i since i'm not the only one, i can relax.
Its not my internet failing on me.
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RE: TJP being slow.

Postby katafei » Mon 08.06.2007 2:23 pm

And me ^_^
Today it gave me a lot of trouble. Yesterday I had problems with a few other Japanese-language-related sites and gave my anti-virus etc a free go.
So when TJP started acting up today, it got me a bit worried as well.
But everything seems to be fine now....
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