Japanese Video Podcast Reviews?

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Japanese Video Podcast Reviews?

Post by Shibakoen » Thu 08.09.2007 4:00 pm

I have been looking for Japanese podcast lessons but unfortunately many of the places that I've looked which seem the most promising require paid subscriptions and have only a few free podcasts. Anyway, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I'm thinking about just trying to listen to NHK news or documentaries or something while at work, but actual lessons for the metro might be more instructive.


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RE: Japanese Video Podcast Reviews?

Post by clay » Thu 08.09.2007 7:05 pm

I am interested in producing podcast lessons at some point in the future. Can you tell me what kind of podcast you would be interested in? Format, content, style, level, length of podcast etc.

I have no idea if I could make anything good or useful, but it would be free of course (with a blurb at the end about thejapanshop.com of course!)
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RE: Japanese Video Podcast Reviews?

Post by zengargoyle » Thu 08.09.2007 8:10 pm

http://japanesepod101.com/. sure, they have a subscription for the study notes and maybe even the forums, but you can download the actual audio files without signing up.

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