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Post by GetBackerGirl » Sat 09.17.2005 6:02 pm

Hi, Im GetBackerGirl! And Im very excited about learning Japanese! I got lots of info from off the internet but I think Im taking it too fast. I gotta take baby steps. I wonder how hard it'll be to learn Japanese. It's probaly harder than spanish. lol ^_^

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RE: Um...Hello

Post by Zeo » Sat 09.17.2005 6:36 pm

First of all welcome:)

And japanese isnt to hard if you really go for it. If you try hard and practise hard you will manage it:)

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RE: Um...Hello

Post by Christian_ » Sat 09.17.2005 6:36 pm

1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.

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RE: Um...Hello

Post by b4d0m3n » Sat 09.17.2005 10:14 pm

Buenos dios señorita. No me gusta los perros, y no me gusta los gatos. Vivo con mi madre en Madrid. That's pretty much all the Spanish I know. :D Welcome. Japanese is certainly much harder than a European language, but don't let it get you down. If 98% of Japanese can master it, so too can you.

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