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Post by soranoraito » Tue 08.21.2007 10:07 am

Lately I've noticed a lot of people on the internet calling other people things like "weeaboo" and "wapanese".
It's so simple minded and childish :|
It's incredibly irritating because those type of people tend to think that everyone that actually cares about the culture and interested in studying the language is some type of pathetic 10 year old loser that watches anime all day and is a "wannabe" asian.
[No offense to 10 year olds...
I like some of you guys.you all aren't losers.
No offense to anime-I love anime :D]

It's really insulting.Because it's like saying...
"you're studying for absolutely nothing.
You just wish you were exactly like them
and you're a complete faker."
When some people actually do study
languages for the communicational factor
and find cultures really appealing.
Not just so they can run around screaming
"Kawaii!" and "Baka!" at their friends to look "cool"
...I guess? :| If that's what you consider cool?
I'm not saying that you won't find people like that.
of course you will...It's pretty much unavoidable in anything you do
to not find an oddball.But that doesn't mean you should confuse
them with the people that are really committed.

lol!I must have written an essay,but what do you guys think?
I'm really interested in what your opinions on that are.
..opinions coming from the actual people that are
truly dedicated to learning.

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by Infidel » Tue 08.21.2007 1:13 pm

It's hard to differentiate that post from a troll.

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by tanuki » Tue 08.21.2007 1:35 pm

I don't understand much from your post. Could you please write more carefully?

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by stevie » Tue 08.21.2007 3:04 pm

People that are truly dedicated to learning don't pay any mind to that stuff. Likely they don't even know what it is (I just have a sort-of friend who frequents 4chan so I'm aware).

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by Dehitay » Tue 08.21.2007 7:41 pm

I thought this thread would be about the definition of wapanese and weeaboo (which would have been useful since I don't know what a weeaboo is), but it seems to be another version of the Teen Japan Fans thread.
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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by lemonaid » Tue 08.21.2007 8:32 pm

Encyclopædia Dramatica redirected weeaboo to wapanese so I guess it's the same thing:

link removed

The article was pretty funny. So much vitriol! It uses some nasty words so read this one instead if you're, like, young...

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by Gaddo » Wed 08.22.2007 12:59 am


I say that the people who are considered "weeaboo's/wapanese" just do it for their own pleasure.

+1 for Lemonaid's post.

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by kayuu » Wed 08.22.2007 1:39 am

Apparently (and I know this because one of my best friends frequents 4chan also) weeaboo is a 'filter' for the word wapanese (as in, you type wapanese and it comes out weeaboo on 4chan or something to that extent I assume).

Wapanese = wannabe Japanese.

If you want a better definition you should go to http://encyclopediadramatica.com, visit the links that lemonaid has posted. Even though it's mostly written by a bunch of what are commonly known as /b/tards (frequents of a particular section of 4chan - I think there's a similar name for people that use ふたばちゃん) it gives you an idea of what the word, as an insult, implies.

As for me, I've been thrown such insults for studying the language alone, and to be honest, like what Stevie says, if you really care about aspects of the language and culture and are not just interested in 'fitting in' with Japanese 'pop culture', you get over it.

If you really, truly care about Japan and Japanese in more of a way than just their anime, games, music and movies - ignore it.

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RE: Wapanese/Weeaboo=wtf?

Post by XJTA » Wed 08.22.2007 5:20 am

Did someone just say "weeaboo?"

This is the origin of the word itself. How it came to be used in this context is as kayuu explained.

Also, everyone should read PBF.

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