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another day in the life

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese

RE: another day in the life

Postby richvh » Thu 08.30.2007 6:57 am


今日と昨日は同じでした or 今日は昨日と同じでした (I think the latter is better)

I'm not sure that idiom translates... 朝は早く起きます would be safer.
If you don't mind, would you write that in kana for me, please?

ひまがとれない or ひまがない
does that mean I should stop writing here

I don't think he's saying that at all.
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RE: another day in the life

Postby clay » Thu 08.30.2007 10:24 am

@clay: does that mean I should stop writing here, or may I continue to write? If not, then this can be my last entry (although I would really like for these entries to continue).

Not at all - I meant to encourage you. I just meant to mention it will be easier for everyone to do the same thing with the new site.
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RE: another day in the life

Postby marquis » Tue 10.16.2007 11:54 am

@clay: ありがとう。
@rich: ありがとう。



日本語を練習してみるけど時々難しかった。「I don't have time to practice with you all very often because of work」。いま、音楽を聴いている。「twinkle trick」の曲だ。この歌は大好き。


I hope I finish my webpage before work. また後で。
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