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Post by ChihiroKun » Sun 09.18.2005 12:08 am

Hi everyone, my name is Chihiro and Im a Japanese college student currently residing in the US. I was born in Japan but moved to the states when I was little, so Im better at speaking English. Thankfully, I speak Japanese at home and watch/read a lot of Japanese stuff so my Japanese is pretty much fluent as well. I go back to Tokyo often too. Im here to talk to people about Japan and also teach a bit of Japanese...although it may be hard to do over the internet. Thats it for now I guess, later!

Oh and heres a face to go along with the name because I like people to know exactly who they are talking to whenever Im in a forum or something.

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RE: Greetings

Post by Zeo » Sun 09.18.2005 4:08 am

Welcome to this page:)

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RE: Greetings

Post by Daisuke » Sun 09.18.2005 11:38 am

Welcome. :)

Have fun here!

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RE: Greetings

Post by Daichi » Mon 09.19.2005 10:45 am

Hello Chihiro, nice to meet you.

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RE: Greetings

Post by hideko_san » Mon 09.19.2005 11:08 am


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