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Postby katafei » Mon 09.03.2007 3:44 am

This 'goldfish scooping' is a often a feature in movies, esp on 祭り。
This morning I was reading a short article that says there are even 'Goldfish Scooping Competitions' in Japan.
So now I just have to ask: what's the deal with this game? Do you get to take the goldfish home? What would you do with these fish? Or do kids win a small prize when they catch a certain amount?
(One scene of '菊次郎の夏 comes to mind, in which Takeshi totally loses it when his net breaks :) )
I did find some information on the:
including a:

Now that I'm on the subject of games: for some time now I've been looking for the Japanese name of the 'rock-scissors- paper' game....
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RE: 金魚すくい

Postby Mike Cash » Mon 09.03.2007 5:37 am

You take the goldfish home. What you do with afterwards is entirely up to you.

I still have some my kids brought home from a festival two or three years ago.
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RE: 金魚すくい

Postby jenl » Mon 09.03.2007 6:16 am

And the rock-paper-scissors game is じゃんけん

wiki entry!
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