How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Deathofme » Thu 09.13.2007 6:21 pm

took me a while, about 2 months, to be able to write and read about as fast as the alphabet. i've been told by some japanese persons that this was quick, but maybe they just wanted to encourage me.

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Xurma » Fri 09.14.2007 7:28 am

For me it took 2-3 weeks to learn hiragana and katakana. I learned 5 characters per day. Recently I have been forgetting few katakana, ヌ and ネ, and I also can read hiragana much faster than katakana. Well it will improve eventually. :) My advice: Instead of asking how long it takes to learn 2000 kanji or all kana, start learning. Aim to little goals, like 10 kanji. It goes faster then, when I was learning kana, I aimed just to learn 5 kana completely. ;)

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Yudan Taiteki
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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Fri 09.14.2007 8:34 am

I see no purpose defining "learn" as anything short of *functional* usage of the characters; for that, it took me about 2.5-3 years or so to be essentially fully fluent in reading and writing hiragana.
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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by dark_fire11 » Fri 09.28.2007 12:49 am

Depends on what level of learning.

To be able to look at a character and eventually remember what it sounded like only took me about 30 minutes with a stack of flashcards. To be able to read it at a rate similar to what I read the roman alphabet took me about a month and a half of daily study.

It's Katakana that kills me. Almost a year in and I still mess up Shi/Tsu N/So.

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by pubju » Fri 09.28.2007 12:48 pm

CelticNinja wrote:
Hello everybody.

I've been studying Japanese for nearly three weeks (twenty days exactly) and have almost gotted through all the Hiragana. I am really enjoying it. I learn a new row every few days or whenever I am pretty certain I all the characters I am currently working with are pretty much branded in my head. Everyday in my note book I wirte each character till the end of the line , then so on and so forth on the next line.

I was just wondering how long it took you to learn Hiragana? Alot of people seem to be able to do it in a matter of days which is pretty amazing. :o
It took me about 2 days, but I am still practicing them every single day to make them stick in my head. Being able to read them is one thing, but writing them correctly is the hardest part! Yudan Taiteki is right though... even if you learn to read and write them all, it will be a long long time before you can process the symbols quickly and read hiragana normally...
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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by idontknowmyself » Fri 09.28.2007 2:26 pm

I've been reading Japanese for pretty long, and tried to learn katakana, in the very beginning, but never had the guts to really try to learn it for real and forgot the most of it. So I started with that three days ago.. But hiragana this time since I figured it makes more sense to know that than knowing katakana. And now I know 15 hiraganas. First I thought about 10/day, but the fact that I have something about 15 minutes every day to learn them, I decided five was better. And I write them down all the time, sometimes I write phrases in Swedish, Finnish or English and just change the letters. Like, I change all a letters to the hiragana a and so on..

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Feba » Fri 09.28.2007 3:43 pm

It took me awhile to get started with them, then I got some programs on my phone and got very good with them very quickly. I highly recommend using and /

Any time you have some down time (riding in a car, bus, train, airplane; waiting for someone; commercial breaks while you're watching TV) just flip open your cell phone and start reviewing. Great way to quickly pick up and commit them to memory.

I can read sentences I see in hiragana, although most of them are simple because they're from the stuff I'm using. I fully agree though that it's much easier to learn the sounds of the shapes than to be able to read it. It kinda reminds me of learning sheet music. if I look at them, I can tell what notes (well, could when I was studying music) they want me to play, but I can't just look at them and have the music flow to my finger tips as someone who is fluent could.

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Krysta » Sun 10.07.2007 10:22 am

I had to learn hiragana and katakana in 2 weeks for a test.
The test went really wel (98 out of 100 points) and now, 4 weeks after the test i can safely say I can read and write hiragana and katakana pretty fast and good.
Wich is ofcourse really helpful because my books are all in hiragana and katakana. No Romaji is used anywhere.
Motivation was no problem either because we have Japanese exchange students teaching us the language. They make the lessons real fun.

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Maaya_001 » Sun 10.07.2007 11:06 am

In my first year of Japanese, we spent a couple of weeks just trying to learn hiragana. My teacher is very patient and very helpful, so the learning process ended up being rather quick. I know my hiragana well, but my katakana, not so much. That's mainly due to the fact that I don't see katakana as often that I see hiragana, which is really no surprise.

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Sun 10.07.2007 1:13 pm

it only took me a half hour, but im have a really good photographic memory. katakana however took me much longer to learn for some reason...

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by sushi4ever » Sun 10.07.2007 2:09 pm

well, i downloaded the hiragana and katakana worksheets from the MLC page, printed them out and had my way with them.
i didn't rush, so i planned one day for the hiragana and one day for the katakana and it worked out really well.

i took breaks between 30min-sessions so my brain wouldn't start farting uncontrollably. (if i remember correctly, i chose sth totally unrelated to the japanese language, i think i watched episodes of CSI, lol)

and after that weekend i tested myself every evening/night for 2 weeks straight with the kanaflash program (which btw is lovely!)

so, makes 2 days for both. i was amazed that it went so smoothly O.o

what i also do from time to time is just writing them all down and see if i can still "create" them from my memory, good practice as well ^^

just don't rush yourself, that's counterproductive and spoils the fun of learning this great language ^^

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by RE_START » Sun 10.07.2007 4:27 pm

It took me one month to learn heragana ! it shouldn't take along time but I'm lazy girl :D

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Algoze » Sun 10.07.2007 5:16 pm

keatonatron wrote:
One or two days.

Of course it takes a while to get used to them and to be able to read and write them all quickly and without stopping to think.
My answer is pretty much the same XD

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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Paragon » Mon 10.22.2007 12:07 am

A week or two, but I still mess up nu/ne/me/re/wa sometimes (and it's been a few months since then).
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RE: How Long did it take you to learn Hiragana?

Post by Aritaurus » Tue 10.23.2007 9:38 pm

It took me about 6 months or so to be able to read no problem. Memorisation of the characters took maybe a month or so. I never really tried to learn hiragana and katagana, I had my PC in Japanese so I was exposed to it everyday and it eventually go to me.

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