OP/ED themes, and light novels

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OP/ED themes, and light novels

Post by Infidel » Sat 09.15.2007 7:04 am

So I've been checking out my local bookstore for manga lately, you know, stuff that isn't porn which I use as my primary language reference materials.

I saw Resurrection Princess 2 volumes are out, I checked them out because I thought the concept was pretty cool, dual-chainsaw wielding princess gotta love that. Has real potential. The manga was suitably gory. She actually saws through the main character to get at someone behind him, what's cooler than that? Unfortunately, it turns out they cleaned out most of the gore from the anime. They even changed how the main character had to suck the princess' blood periodically to stay alive to the princess using some magical flame instead. Considering how violent some other anime is, I can't help but wonder this is a deliberate ploy on the producers part to make the anime eventually marketable in America.

So I went on youtube to check out if there were any episodes out and saw the opening and ending theme.
Apparently, the timing for the OP matches a few other anime OP themes. The very first link I clicked was this version.. Since I hadn't actually seen the episode yet, I was horrified to think they took a macabre gothic manga and turned it somehow into something silly. But it did make me laugh. I've no idea what anime the theme comes from.

Then the second one just sticks in my head.

Also, I've noticed some not-reall-manga on the shelves and discovered they are translations of "light novels" ラノベ. I picked up the one for Shakugan no Shana. It was kinda cool. Not exactly what I would call good literature. The sentences were simple and the descriptions more like looking at a manga frame, even ones that were written before the manga. But like manga, you don't read for the prose, you read for the story. Still, it did seem like it might be a good bridge to work on before hitting real literature. Anyone else tried translating any light novels? If this translated one is any indicator, it seems like it might be a good idea to buy a few Japanese ones and work through them. Much less stressful than Harry Potter or some other full out novel. The pages are also pretty short so they will feel more rewarding too.

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