What happened to Japanese Language Suite?

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What happened to Japanese Language Suite?

Post by larousse » Thu 09.20.2007 2:59 pm

I haven't been on TJP for a long time, obviously, and when I re-vamped my comp I lost the original program I downloaded in...what was it, February or March? The thing is, I really liked that program, because it helped a helluva lot more than any real flashcards or books. Can anyone offer an explanation as to its disappearance, or perhaps even a place where I could download a copy of it somewhere? It was the best freeware I ever downloaded. :(

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RE: What happened to Japanese Language Suite?

Post by richvh » Thu 09.20.2007 3:27 pm

Don't know, maybe he lost his hosting? Maybe Phreadom will pop in and comment (though he hasn't been a regular poster lately.
Richard VanHouten

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