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Post by Hijiku » Tue 09.25.2007 10:54 am

recently, my boyfriend and I were walking together in public and we held hands. that is all we did. SOMEONE took it upon themself to scream outloud among many people this statment;

"Save it for the marches, fag!"

another person added; "Yeah, ya dirty goat-f***ers!!"

the question, was that really nessisary? and do YOU think public displaying of affections, (gay or straight poeple) is ok, or best left indoors?
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RE: question

Post by Denus » Tue 09.25.2007 11:04 am

Holding hands is as innocuous as one can get when showing affection.

Frankly, I would've run up to that guy and fly kicked him. >.>

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RE: question

Post by Kakads » Tue 09.25.2007 11:44 am

I say, if straight people get to hold hands and stuff in public, then why not us gay people? Things like holding hands or kissing shouldn't affect random people in the street anyway, because that's all it is when in public, and it doesn't go any further. People just say gays should show PDA because they're being awkward and annoying.

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RE: question

Post by richvh » Tue 09.25.2007 12:08 pm

This is the sort of topic that is guaranteed to generate more heat than light. Locked.
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