Gawful sub job

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Gawful sub job

Post by Infidel » Wed 09.26.2007 7:19 pm

I just got Shakugan no Shana in the mail and I'm watching it. It has to be the worst sub job of all time. I say that because apparently, it was translated from Japanese to Chinese, and then from Chinese to English, by someone that does not speak English natively.


Generally, my Japanese is good enough to get along anyway but I usually use subtitles for new words or grammar, but it's not helping much. The biggest issue is names. Even though the words are translated, the names are not, so ALL of the characters are subtitled under their CHINESE name. Examples:
Flame haze = Folaimuheizi
Shana = Xaina
Those are the easy ones. The main Characters on the other hand....

Hirai Yukari = Pingjing Xi
Sakai Yuuji= Banjing Youer

Tell me that wouldn't get annoying.

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RE: Gawful sub job

Post by doinkies » Wed 09.26.2007 8:42 pm

You must have gotten a bootleg. Bad subtitles like that are very common on bootlegs...

Geneon was producing a legit, properly-translated Region 1 DVD release of Shana (there are several volumes out of it) but unfortunately today they announced that the US branch is going out of business and I don't know if they released the whole series. Hopefully someone else might pick it up though.
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