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Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?


Postby Infidel » Sun 09.30.2007 11:56 pm

Since the move will not just be a new host but a new backend, I think that we should stop creating wagawiki articles that are little more than pointers to threads. I suspect that these links will stop working on the day of the move. The new system will probably have a different indexing system too, so it would be best to copy and past any salient bits from these threads rather than simply linking them for further information.
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RE: Wagawiki

Postby Gundaetiapo » Mon 10.01.2007 12:31 am

Be my guest, sir.
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RE: Wagawiki

Postby tanuki » Mon 10.01.2007 12:12 pm

Oh, it will be a mess!
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