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Postby atarashihoshi » Fri 09.23.2005 12:11 am

和 は ペトナム 人 で す。:)
I am Vietnamese. Now I am trying to practice my Japanese. If u don't mind, please contact me and then we can practice together online!?:p:p
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RE: Hello!

Postby Mariya » Fri 09.23.2005 3:09 am

Hi, welcome. I know you'll enjoy it here, and learn loads :D. See you around the forums!
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RE: Hello!

Postby lomagu » Fri 09.23.2005 6:57 am

Hajimemashite & good luck studying! :):D
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RE: Hello!

Postby Daisuke » Fri 09.23.2005 7:25 am

Welcome to the site! :)
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RE: Hello!

Postby kosan » Sun 09.25.2005 6:24 am


メ-ル sniper_woo@hotmail.com
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RE: Hello!

Postby Zeo » Sun 09.25.2005 1:40 pm

and GLHF (good luck, have fun) :)
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RE: Hello!

Postby Christian_ » Sun 09.25.2005 2:14 pm

はじめましてアタラシホシさん。 See you around the fourms.:)
1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.
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RE: Hello!

Postby ShinDig » Sun 09.25.2005 2:23 pm

welcome atarashihoshi san ;)
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