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View topic - "Crazy"/"Going nuts!!" bad language?

"Crazy"/"Going nuts!!" bad language?

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"Crazy"/"Going nuts!!" bad language?

Postby Hatori » Mon 10.01.2007 9:41 pm

Hello. As for I was bored after watching a Japanese film titled Linda Linda Linda I decided to listen to commentary in the bonus features. In the features, this guy was telling all about the band called the Blue Hearts because their music was an important part of the movie. The man mentioned that saying something equivalent to the English phrase "Going nuts!" or saying "crazy" was censored out in Japan and the band would get in trouble.
This was the 80s and early 90s, but why would people censore something so silly? Or is it considered to saying "sh**" on the radio and having to censore it out?
Thanks for reading!

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RE: "Crazy"/"Going nuts!!" bad language?

Postby Oracle » Mon 10.01.2007 9:48 pm

The phrase they're talking about was probably 気違い which means 'crazy' but in the sense of someone having a mental illness. People used to say things jokingly like ゴルフ気違い (as in "He's crazy about golf!") but it is now considered very non PC. It is one of a number of words banned from use on TV and in the mass media.
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