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I wish become good at my English.


RE: I wish become good at my English.

Postby xsilentxtearsx » Sun 10.07.2007 8:52 am

Sumi wrote:
jinksys wrote:
alot of it is pointless if you live in the south.

Are you talking about America?! Well, I must say that I can't even understand the most southern accents.

Ha, when I first moved to the South, neither could I. :D
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Yo soy una gringa quien hablo español, y estoy feliz porque español es en mi vida!

Currently learning 9/80 level 4 かんじ。

I know basically all of the ひらがな, but only know about 20 カタカナ!

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RE: I wish become good at my English.

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Sun 10.07.2007 9:08 am

Wow, this is the necroposted thread from hell!
-Chris Kern
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Yudan Taiteki
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RE: I wish become good at my English.

Postby Feba » Sun 10.07.2007 9:47 am

this thread has a necro fetish.

Anyway, SS, just so you know, there's no such thing as "Standard" English. There are the widely used ones, British, American, Canadian, and Australian, but each one of those has it's own little subgroups, and I'm sure there's plenty others (I think Hong Kong has a unique flavor of English)

This is mostly just slang and spelling, but there are the occasional grammar rules getting in the way, too. For example, in some dialects, nouns that include multiple people are plural (British English does this, I think, but American English doesn't), for example, if you look at a Wikipedia entry for an English band, it will say "<NAME> were/are", whereas an American band will say "<NAME> is/was", you can look at Aerosmith and Def Leppard's pages if you want to see this yourself.

If you want to learn a standardized language, English isn't the way to go. Might I suggest Esperanto or Ido?
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