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Rice Field Art

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Rice Field Art

Postby hyperconjugated » Tue 10.09.2007 1:56 pm

Some nice rice field art pictures:
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby Hatori » Tue 10.09.2007 5:46 pm

Dude, that's awesome! I like the picture that shows the two monsters chasing eachother.
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby tōkai devotee » Tue 10.09.2007 6:33 pm

すごいね。 :)
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby chikara » Tue 10.09.2007 7:27 pm

That is amazing :p
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby coco » Tue 10.09.2007 8:14 pm


Thanks for sharing the nice picture and the link. :)
I didn't know they are having fun with such a smart way. I'll tell the link to my friends. They must enjoy them.
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby tanuki » Tue 10.09.2007 8:23 pm

Wow, that's cool!
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RE: Rice Field Art

Postby two_heads_talking » Wed 10.10.2007 8:56 am

How do they achieve the varying degrees of shadows and dark and light colors?
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