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time offset

Post by tanuki » Tue 10.16.2007 8:49 pm


A few minutes ago I was checking the shoutbox and saw a shout made... tomorrow!

In other words, the time offset was messed up, which had never happened to me before. Anyway, I went to my profile and had to put my offset in "-6" (my time zone is GMT -4) in order for it to work, which is very weird because, if I recall correctly, I used to use the default because my time was somehow the same as the site's 'official' time.

Why the site's 'official' time was changed is beyond my knowledge, but may I suggest that the "time offset" thingy be in relation to GMT/UTC? I know that I'm GMT -4, and I'm sure most people know their time zones in relation to GMT/UTC, so it's easier than some seemingly random 'official' time.

Or maybe it was all just my computer playing tricks on me? :|
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RE: time offset

Post by chikara » Tue 10.16.2007 9:23 pm

Time is definitely gone hay wire.

The times shown used to be close for me with an offset of +15 although my time zone is GMT + 9.5. Now the current time displays as 18:21 when it is 10:51 so 8 hours out (the half hour never worked)
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RE: time offset

Post by Chris Hart » Tue 10.16.2007 9:43 pm

This does seem strange. I never bothered with the time on the site, but with the exception of MS based systems which are local time, every system I have seen bases it's time off GMT. I use GMT with one of my hobbies so much, that I am about to just keep 2 clocks - one in local time, on in GMT. After mentioning all that, I must agree, it is strange to see the "official" TJP time jump from Eastern Time (Currently GMT-4) to GMT+2
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RE: time offset

Post by coco » Tue 10.16.2007 9:48 pm

妙です。 :D

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