my homework hehe

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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my homework hehe

Post by karmun » Sat 10.20.2007 7:58 am

theres 3 qns im stuck...
A: このまえの 試験はむずかかったですね。こんどの試もむずかしいでしょうか。
B: いいえ,あまり my answer: むずかしくないです。

2) わたしは ときどき ___________ ながら,しょくじを します。
3) このアバートは 駅のそばにあるから,たぶん__________。

im donno how to answer qn 2 n 3.
pls help me thanks
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RE: my homework hehe

Post by Mike Cash » Sat 10.20.2007 8:57 am

Tell us what it is you find difficult about them. We'll be glad to help, but most of us don't like to just give out answers for homework.


The part after the blank in #2 is only part of a word. The blank is the rest of it.

#3 is looking for an adjective. Think about the rest of the sentence and it becomes pretty clear which adjective.
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RE: my homework hehe

Post by richvh » Sat 10.20.2007 9:00 am

1) looks good

2) ながら attaches to a verb in -masu stem form. Insert an action which you sometimes do when eating.

3) Insert a condition that the apartment may have due to being near the station (noisy, convenient, what have you)
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