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Postby Sakura Girl » Sat 09.24.2005 8:27 pm

「すごい」は英語で何と言いますか?  I've heard it used many a time but I don't know what it means exactly, or how it's used...?
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Sakura Girl
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RE: 「すごい」は?

Postby Harisenbon » Sat 09.24.2005 10:39 pm

It has so many meanings depending on context, but As a basic translation I would give "great".

The adjective form すごく is also often used as "very"
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RE: 「すごい」は?

Postby Kates » Mon 09.26.2005 9:13 am

SUGOI is used a lot by itself as well, and could be translated at "cool!" or "wow!" or "amazing!"

But it is an adjective, which a general meaning of 'great', or even 'terrible'--sugoi just implies something is really incredible--in a good way or a bad.
IE: すごい事故 (sugoi jiko) -- a terrible accident
IE: すごい人気 (sugoi ninki) -- incredible popularity

As an adverb: SUGOKU
IE: すごく面白い (sugoku omoshiroi) -- really interesting
IE: すごく悲しい (sugoku kanashii) -- extremely sad

Sugoi also is a kanji: 凄い

And as you can see, I took a few liberities with my translations--it would just depend on the situation and the words on which "very" you might want to use--but SUGOI is a VERY handy word to know, I think. I NEVER learned it in my four years in Japanese class, but I swear I heard it ten times the first day I was actually in Japan. ^_^
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RE: 「すごい」は?

Postby AaRoN » Mon 09.26.2005 12:03 pm

So is it a word used to exagerate a situation???
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