Geta/tabi in Chicago?

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Geta/tabi in Chicago?

Post by dschi » Fri 10.26.2007 1:40 pm

Last time I was in Japan I bought my 6yo daughter a kimono. She likes it a lot but wants to be more authentic and would like to wear geta as well. (funny considering that she has light blond hair, green eyes and fair skin)

I was told there was a place on Clark Street that sold them, but Googling has come up empty. Mitsuwa doesn't appear to carry that sort of stuff either. Does anyone familiar with the Chicago area have any tips? I'd prefer not to buy online since I'd like her to have the experience of going, selecting, trying, etc.

Replying here would be useful for general knowledge, but if you have a concrete suggestion, please also reply to at gmail dot com.

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RE: Geta/tabi in Chicago?

Post by mjmsisco » Wed 11.21.2007 11:18 pm

Ahh mitsuwa. :)
I was just in Chicago this summer and went there, thinking it would be a half hour drive from downtown, I took the subway:| 2 hours later I arrived at Mitsuwa and had to rush to catch the last bus back to the subway station.

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RE: Geta/tabi in Chicago?

Post by Dehitay » Thu 11.22.2007 10:32 am

When I was reading the request, I thought it looked incredibly familiar. I guess nobody really knew how to answer this question since the first reply had a month's delay
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