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Looking for learning center

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Looking for learning center

Postby Akurei » Sat 10.27.2007 4:54 pm

Well... Im rather new at this forum, and the last time I posted something was months ago and then I disappeared without a trace... but I would need some help with this, and any help would be appreciated.

I´m planning to go to Japan this January or February (I know, its rather late to be planning at this time of the year, but..) and I am looking for a nihongo teaching center for foreigners in japan, preferently in the main cities, like Tokyo or Nagoya that has short intensive courses, maybe with even some cultural trips or lessons. I looked in the Internet and some tourism guides and I found a lot of them (more or less a hundred) but I wanted someone to recommend me one. For now, I`ve only been told good things about the Yamasa Institute, but I think it´s rather in a rural area. I want to focus mainly in my conversation skills, but everything is useful...
My japanese level is more of less JLPT 3kyuu, but a bit lacking in actual dialog.

Thanx in advance for even taking the time to read this...
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