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View topic - ゆきえ was a doppelgänger!

ゆきえ was a doppelgänger!

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ゆきえ was a doppelgänger!

Postby coco » Sat 11.03.2007 9:15 pm

The food/sports girl was a doppelgänger.
I was so surprised!!  :o
As tanuki-san said,(Posted on 03-12-2006 20:27, 03-12-2006 20:32) the "food/sports girl, ゆきえ" story and the "once-にぎやか-town" story were certainly asked by 3Q and 4Q in 2006 JLPT.
Exactly same sentences!

…ということは、people who'll take JLPT4 might want to learn JLPT3 level 聴解.
And we might learn some 2Q listening materials. ;)
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RE: ゆきえ was a doppelgänger!

Postby ss » Sat 11.03.2007 9:37 pm

Doppelgänger, indeed surprised! Heheh... Tanuki addressed her as "little witch". B)

Bye now, going for my class. See ya tonight.
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RE: ゆきえ was a doppelgänger!

Postby caroline » Sun 11.04.2007 4:07 am

It might be that level 4 and 3 are getting quite close.
Nevertheless, i still find 3 harder than 4, including listening comprehension : the difficult ones in 4 were mostly the easy ones in 3.
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