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Postby tanuki » Sun 09.25.2005 9:17 pm


I've been teaching myself Japanese for some weeks and I've been using this awesome website to learn kanji and read other interesting stuff. I find Japanese a very interesting (and difficult) language and the Japanese culture and customs are really interesting, it's cool to see how different life can be on "the other side" of the globe. I'm very interested in getting to know Japanese people or people who are learning Japanese. That's why I signed in, and I hope I meet nice people.

By the way, my mother tongue is Spanish, so forgive my faults in English :-).

Por cierto, ¿hay acá gente que hable español?

Well, good-bye!
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RE: Hello!

Postby Daichi » Mon 09.26.2005 5:47 am

TJP e youkoso,
Bienvenida a TJP
and Welcome to TJP!
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RE: Hello!

Postby Zeo » Mon 09.26.2005 8:53 am

Welcome to this page:)
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RE: Hello!

Postby Daisuke » Mon 09.26.2005 9:02 am

Welcome to the site! ;)
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RE: Hello!

Postby CajunCoder » Tue 09.27.2005 4:32 am


I'm new here as well, and just started studying japanese.

Yo hablo poco-poco-poco-poco-poco espanol. Soy no buenos XD
Soy aprendiendo lo en la internet, nessecito practicar mucho.
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