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personality types

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personality types

Postby kiisha » Mon 11.05.2007 12:43 am

I really want to know this. What are the different personality types in Japan? The ones that I've seen in various manga or girls magazines. Eg.

Girls can be:
romantic type
cool type
sexy type
cute type

Guys can be:
prince type
big brother type
cool type

Does anyone have a list of all the personality types for boyfriends/girlfriends and their descriptions?
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RE: personality types

Postby Wakannai » Mon 11.05.2007 2:02 am

duplicate thread, please lock or delete.
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RE: personality types

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 11.05.2007 10:26 am

or better yet, just provide a link to the other thread.

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