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Post by CajunCoder » Tue 09.27.2005 4:24 am

Greetings all.

I'm 17, and live in Mississippi (from Louisiana, though :P).
I've always been interested in japanese culture and language, but until recently I've never made much of an effort to study it.
I just started learning japanese a week ago through the internet - with online tutorials, audio, dictionaries, etc. I am also studying Spanish in the same way... I know barely enough to make sense of things, in most cases (some times with the help of a dictionary :P)

I find it is a lot easier to learn a language when you actually practice it with people, so I decided to find a forum that I can practice writing/reading japanese in romaji, and this is the place I found :P
I've been practicing writing hiragana, and playing around with a bit of katakana & kanji too.

I currently know very little... I was going to try to write my introduction post in japanese, but there was too much I wanted to say, that I cant yet, heh.

These forums look rather new and active, how long have they been up?

Well, I look forward to speaking to all of you. If you'd like to practice conversing with me on an IM, feel free to message me, though I hardly know anything at the moment.

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RE: Konnichiwa!

Post by Daichi » Tue 09.27.2005 8:03 am

Welcome, hope you enjoy it here.

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RE: Konnichiwa!

Post by Daisuke » Tue 09.27.2005 11:39 am

The forums have been up since January 21. this year.

Welcome. ;)

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RE: Konnichiwa!

Post by kosan » Tue 09.27.2005 12:16 pm


メ-ル sniper_woo@hotmail.com

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RE: Konnichiwa!

Post by AaRoN » Tue 09.27.2005 12:47 pm

hajimemashite CajunCoder-san B)

This site will be a great help to u and ur studies:)
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