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View topic - Advent child got leaked!!!!

Advent child got leaked!!!!

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RE: Advent child got leaked!!!!

Postby Spaztick » Wed 09.21.2005 11:10 am

Must've missed that.
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RE: Advent child got leaked!!!!

Postby yukisukinomoto » Tue 09.27.2005 9:32 pm

Ah, I downloaded it, it was amazing. I made an AMV to it, its on animemusicvideos.org (screenname is the same there as here.)
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RE: Advent child got leaked!!!!

Postby Datadog » Tue 09.27.2005 10:06 pm

Spaztick wrote:
I am an affected moral, and I'm immodestly and annoyingly telling you that pirating is wrong and that this sort of thread shouldn't be posted here, so and and so forth.........

Well, you can't exactly say this thread shouldn't be posted, because "Final Fantasy VII" is turning out to be one of the most pirated movies ever (I don't know a single friend who hasn't downloaded it yet,) and the simple question of what this says about society is worth discussing. You see, unlike big Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars, there is no guaranteed $100 million box office return on direct-to-video releases, and considering how much FF fans wanted this movie, I'm surprised at how many of them aren't going to pay for it. That's not exactly showing support.

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure a lot of you only downloaded it because it wasn't available for purchase where you live, and I'm sure you intend to buy it when it's made available. I haven't seen it myself (it doesn't come to Canada until Nov. 29 so I have my calendar checked off), but I just thought I'd send out a friendly reminder that if you downloaded it AND enjoyed it, you should at least buy it eventually to give Square some small fraction of compensation for their hard work.

No, I don't work for Square (I wish) but I am firm believer that if you enjoyed the complimentary bread, you should at least tip the waiter.
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RE: Advent child got leaked!!!!

Postby sexylexi » Tue 09.27.2005 10:12 pm

Well i downloaded like a week ago but its because i like final fantasy and i wanted the japanese version. I still intend to watch the english version, but the japanese version tends to be better.
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