streaming japanese radios?

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streaming japanese radios?

Post by pubju » Sun 11.18.2007 2:13 pm

Does anyone know any genuine japanese streaming radios? I've looked, but many are not broadcasted from Japan and are just playing japanese music but with american talking, or just anime music .etc

I'm looking for a radio with alot of japanese talking, but not news readers. Just discussing entertainment news or whats on TV, jokey / casual stuff like this. preferably with osakan presenters!


need radio! streaming, lots of talking, osaka accent, some music!
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RE: streaming japanese radios?

Post by Noob » Sun 11.18.2007 2:24 pm

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RE: streaming japanese radios?

Post by Orcrist » Sun 11.18.2007 2:33 pm

However, keep in mind that most stations only air their shows at certain times.

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RE: streaming japanese radios?

Post by Oracle » Sun 11.18.2007 7:10 pm

Japan is really behind in this area - I don't know of any radio stations in Japan that stream on the internet 24x7.

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RE: streaming japanese radios?

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Sun 11.18.2007 7:27 pm

Radio Japan does, but their broadcasts are not in Japanese 24/7. You can download their broadcasts, though, IIRC.
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