Kanji That You Hate/Love

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by LeGasp » Fri 08.04.2006 7:38 pm

I love writing the kanji symbol for love. I dont know many kanji yet. I also like the symbol for water its so elegant and flowing. My other favs are the symbol for moon, tsuki, and evening
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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Hatori » Fri 08.04.2006 9:39 pm

i hate any Kanji that's hard to distinguish between another Kanji.

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Wakannai » Mon 10.29.2007 12:17 am

Thread revival! It got pointed to by Coco and I like it now, at the time I didn't really have any strong opinion.
coco wrote:
oh!! This thread is Cool B)
my case


hate ... telling the reason will make this thread more funny, I guess. :)
I love the radical more than the kanji. As a radical the roof is much steeper, it reminds me of those houses in Holland, and I like drawing the bottom line so it slopes up.

Hate - 手 > I can never make it look good, but even when I look up the right way, it still doesn't look balanced. Rather, it looks like it wants to fall over.
Also, any kanji with the same left-and-bottom part as 道. It's a cool-looking radical, but when writing I can't make it cool-looking.
I'm finally getting the trick of drawing this so it looks well. It feels very nice to draw this radical now where before I used to dread it. A lot of the problem turned out to be starting in the correct spot.

Start just below the horizontal 1/2 line and about 1/4th from the far edge towards the center, then go up to the 1/2 line. This line should be the same length as the distance of the starting point from the left edge of the square. , then straight down or at a slight outward angle for the same length. So within the left half of the kanji, we have a 1/4 whitespace gap, then an upper angling line the same length as the whitespace, then it cuts down again, the same length as the whitespace. Note how looking at the whitespace helps draw the character better! Once I started looking mainly at the whitespace instead of the lines I drew, my characters became much better balanced. Drawing kanji is really about dividing whitspace properly, not just drawing lines in a given order.

then do a compressed curve and come out to align vertically with the start. Then do the long line :) There is an example on this page to show what I mean.

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Paragon » Mon 10.29.2007 2:27 am

I have a love/hate relationship with kanji that look just like one of the kana. 二,刀/力,口,手,八,工,etc.

Usually easy to remember, but so hard to distinguish from the kana >_<.

I like the appearance of 金,中,雨,品,囚,母,and the right side of 話.

I dislike the appearance of 西. It just looks like this ugly, evil corruption of 四.
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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Mon 10.29.2007 8:05 am

I may have already posted this before the revival, but my least favorite kanji by far is 飛. I can never get the proportions right when I draw that character.
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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by NocturnalOcean » Mon 10.29.2007 8:12 am

I think 慶 used in 慶應義塾大学 is a rather annoying kanji to write, there are some rare elements in it:/

My favourite kanji is simply 紫, but that's just because it is my favourite colour.

Also sometimes confusing, are the different 儀 義 議 犠, which to use when...
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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by yukamina » Mon 10.29.2007 2:29 pm

The kanji I dislike the most(hate is a bit strong, I think) are the one's with either really indistinct meanings or shapes. Ah...I can't think of any right now... Also money/job/government related kanji.

There's a lot of kanji I love, here's a few of them:
蜜 必 霧 夢 跳 浅

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by HeyItsMatt » Mon 10.29.2007 3:39 pm

keatonatron wrote:
必 is the evilest kanji ever. (Those of you who don't know the proper way to write it might not understand what I mean)

Also, any kanji with the same left-and-bottom part as 道. It's a cool-looking radical, but when writing I can't make it cool-looking.
I agree with keatonatron, I hate that radical in 週 and 道. I think it's supposed to slope down more, but when I try that, it comes out more horizontal and pokes out from the strokes above it. Very ugly. I kind of like 必 though, even though I remember the stroke pattern wasn't what I expected.


忙 - I think it looks ugly, and its simplicity makes it harder to write somehow.
書 - I like how it looks but it looks vertically squished when I write it.
遊 - I can never get the proportions right.
寝 - For some reason, no matter how I focus the first parts, when I get to the right side radicals under that hat-like radical I have no room and they're all squished.


語 - Like Cajun said, it's fun to write and it always looks nice and even for some reason.
映画館 - They look nice together when I write them.
東京 - I just like how it looks.
練習 - One of the more recent ones I've "practiced" (haha, I'm so funny!). It looks very pretty, and I like that left-side radical.
手紙 - Again, I like that left-side radical in 紙.

Also, I think that cocoさん should tell us her most hated and loved English words! I really like the words "turgid" and "spurious". They both sound vaguely obscene for some reason. I was also thinking today that "noodle" is kind of a funny word.

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by tanuki » Mon 10.29.2007 4:53 pm

Starting a thread on English words doesn't seem like a bad idea. Why don't you do it?

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by cthies » Mon 10.29.2007 4:53 pm


鷲、霊、水、龍: 長いほどにはもっとに好き<−−正しいかな? 文法で?


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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Denus » Mon 10.29.2007 4:59 pm

tanuki wrote:
曜 , because that's the most complex kanji I can write by heart.
Haha, same here. :D I just recently learned that kanji, and I write it over and over just to make sure I remember how to write it.
日 , it was the first kanji I knew and learned to write (even before 一) and it's probably the one I write the most, so it holds a special spot in my heart. ;)
I like it too. The most complex kanji I know (時 and 曜) both use that in it, and it's the first kanji that introduced me to the method of writing 冂 (with the second stroke going across and down in one movement), which I really like doing. :p

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Miyu-rin » Mon 11.05.2007 6:15 pm

Hatori wrote:
i hate any Kanji that's hard to distinguish between another Kanji.
Quoted for truth.

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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by Paragon » Thu 11.15.2007 8:49 pm

New most-hated kanji: 後.

I'm sure there are some I'll hate more at I get into ones with more and more tiny little strokes. But for now, to hell with thee, vile behind-kanji.
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RE: Kanji That You Hate/Love

Post by kevinnwhat » Thu 11.15.2007 10:59 pm

i like 前

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RE: My opinion

Post by Ben_a_hunt » Tue 11.20.2007 12:02 am

Funny, I was just thinking about this last night. New to this place so I thought I'd give my opinion.

語 - It was one of the first Kanji I learned, and I thought it was pretty difficult so I felt proud :p
電 - This one is just plain fun to write, usually if I'm bored, you'll find a piece of paper with this Kanji scribbled all over it.
秀美 - My Girlfriend's name (So I love it! Plus, when we first met she made me remember it, haha)
成 - I learned this one pretty recently, so I'm enjoying it

母 - No matter how much I practice this kanji, it always looks like a drunk 3 year old wrote it
日 - Same for this Kanji, I usually write it WAY too big making myself look silly

I can't think of any more Kanji I hate to be honest. Most Kanji look cool when you write them, especially in a sentence so I'm happy with most of them.

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