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japanese wording?

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japanese wording?

Postby cj261 » Sat 11.24.2007 6:15 am

can somone tell me the order the japanese word go in,cause right now im lost?arigato gazaimasu...oh ya and what's up with the masu,mashita,(ect.) thanks again.lol
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RE: japanese wording?

Postby Wakannai » Sat 11.24.2007 6:59 am





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RE: japanese wording?

Postby Mike Cash » Sat 11.24.2007 7:21 am

You're more lost than you imagine. We actually have on topic sections for posts like this one.
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RE: japanese wording?

Postby nabilahforever » Sat 11.24.2007 10:46 am

cj261,you could know what's between masu and mashita by opening this incredible site.

http://www.learn-hiragana-katakana.com/ ... -greetings

this is the first site i opened before i got in japanese page.and this site is good to learn japanese phrases and greetings.anyway,good luck and try your best,okay.i'm not good in japanese and just know a little.but,i want to proof it and i enjoyed learning it.i hope you could get many informations there. :D
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RE: japanese wording?

Postby Gundaetiapo » Sat 11.24.2007 2:01 pm

can somone tell me the order the japanese word go in

Start here, and bear in mind you may be harbouring misconceptions about language learning in general.
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