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After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

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After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

Postby Kuritarou » Thu 09.29.2005 12:35 pm

Hi everyone,

I am a law student beginning my third year of Japanese study at university.

During my commute to school, I have always listened to the excellent Pimsleur lessons to reinforce my written study. I'm about to finish Pimsleur Japanese III and I noticed there is no Pimsleur Japanese IV, so I need to find more advanced audio lessons.

As I've progressed, Pimsleur has gotten really easy, but Japanese audiobooks and radio are still a little fast for me, and I would still prefer educational materials to "general audience" stuff. Does anybody know any intermediate/advanced audio lessons? (Preferably MP3...)


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RE: After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

Postby Qbe » Fri 09.30.2005 10:18 pm

I wish I could say that I've found a good successor to Pimsleur, but I haven't. There's just nothing else like it. Most of the time I'm simply reviewing the earlier lessons (wow, I've sure forgotten a lot of things!) or working on Pimsleur Mandarin. It's difficult to find a good audio-only course.

However, I've tried a few things. The NHK carries 2 radio series called "Basic Japanese for You" and "Brush Up Your Japanese". They're about 10-15 minutes each, and you can get them at http://mp3japan.freenethost.net/ in mp3 format. They're not Pimsleur, but they're better than nothing. I don't know how intermediate/advanced they become; I've only listened to the first few of each series and haven't yet heard anything which hasn't been covered by Pimsleur.

I've listened to the FSI Japanese course a little, but it really seems to depend on the book. Same with other courses: you seem to get about 5-8 minutes of audio which is keyed to a book lesson.

Some recommend using software to rip the audio from Japanese TV shows and listen to the audio. I haven't tried that, but probably will soon.

What I wouldn't give for a Pimsleur Japanese 4. I've toyed with the idea of generating something similar, but you can tell that there's a lot of work behind those little 1/2 hour lessons. They do it so well that it LOOKS easy...

Anyway, if anyone else has uncovered some intermediate/advanced audio lesson gems, I too would be happy to hear about them.
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RE: After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

Postby appleraja » Mon 10.10.2005 7:37 pm

any one kno a site where it gives you pimsleur ?
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RE: After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

Postby Qbe » Mon 10.10.2005 10:37 pm

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RE: After Pimsleur (Intermediate audio lessons)

Postby Budomaru » Thu 10.13.2005 10:42 am

*AHEM* well there is always the torrent version as well - i'm not sure what is allowed on the forum so i wont post details but you can PM me for more info if you're ok with having it on files instead of buying it.
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