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RE: Rhymes

Postby TrashTreasurer » Fri 12.07.2007 3:54 am

So, what do Japanese rappers do about this discrepancy? Does this genre of music even exist?
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RE: Rhymes

Postby saraLynne » Fri 12.07.2007 4:17 am

Japanese rap exists. Lyrics are quite often nonsense, and still don't rhyme. Sometimes, they throw in utterly random english words and rhyme those. >.> I am not a fan of this genre... in Japanese OR English. :P

In Japanese music, I don't really notice the lack of rhyming, though. Perhaps it's because Japanese tends to already fall into such a rhythmic pattern on its own (very often four and eight 'beats' are heard"=, IMHO. I wish I had a better way to describe it.), rhyme isn't necessary...? I don't know. ^_^
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RE: Rhymes

Postby kitamichibi » Fri 12.07.2007 8:49 am

saraLynne wrote:
In theory, this entire thread would just be "all japanese words that end in ~i"

Uh, I think that I started with "bento"? ;)

Anyways, the whole thread wouldn't be like like all ~i or ~to, everytime the first word has 10 words after it that rhymes, whoever posted the 10th post to that word can change the flow of rhyming...

Didn't think that it would be so hard..... If I had replaced すごい with もし to rhyme with 私, would that have better?

"Tokyo drift" - Teriyaki boys, rhymes...

About the kanji for "bento", >.<;, really sorry if I'm wrong, I tend to rely on IME a lot... :|
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RE: Rhymes

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Fri 12.07.2007 9:58 am

Gundaetiapo wrote:
To my ear at least, the ending sound of すごい, わたし, and はい are all different.

I agree, maybe it's the pitch and intonation of each word that makes it seem different in spite of spelling.

They should sound the same, since it's the same final vowel.
-Chris Kern
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RE: Rhymes

Postby miho-sempai » Fri 12.07.2007 11:34 am

It's like a debate.
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RE: Rhymes

Postby kitamichibi » Fri 12.07.2007 12:39 pm

Just a another e.g. for songs:
That sorta rhymed... :D
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RE: Rhymes

Postby luky » Sat 12.15.2007 12:22 pm

LOL... This game never made it past the first post. Anyone want to start again--maybe this time with a minimum 2 kana ending match?
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